Prepare for the New York State Salesperson Real Estate Exam using our computer based solutions. The questions used simulate testing conditions and prepare you for the NY State exam. Each exam is always different as questions are randomly selected from our large databank of questions. Increase your chances to pass the exam with confidence.

Worried about taking the New York State Salesperson Real Estate Exam? We can help.

Our exams prepare you for taking the school exam and NY State exam with questions similar to the NY State exam.

Finish with confidence. Our computer based exams give you peace of mind with answers at the end of each exam and your percentage of wrong answers to correct answers are displayed.

Worried about taking the New York State Salesperson Real Estate Exam? We can help.



We all know a career to real estate sales is an exciting and challenging business.  Passing the NY State exam is a rite of passage to get your license to conduct business.  We understand that and we are here to help you increase your chances to pass the NY State exam.

Exam Prep


For $49.99 you will have access to a simulated real time computer based exam.  Once you have completed the exam you can view your score and incorrect answers. Exams can be taken upto 10 times within a 30-day expiration date from when you pay us. We will e-mail you the exam prep password within 24 hours of payment. LOGIN at the top of webpage with your passcode.


"Taking the computer based test prep real estate program has given me the opportunity to get into the real estate sales in record time.  I couldn't have done it without the computer based solution.  They really simulate taking the exam so when it came time to take the exam, I was very confident and comfortable.  Many thanks to an invaluable tool.  A must have for anyone who needs help and confidence in passing the state exam the first time."


                                  -E.B.,  Great Neck, New York